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microphone rentals, mic rentals, audio rentals, audio equipment rentals
microphone cable rental

                    Microphone with XLR Cable


microphone stand rentals, mic stand rentals, audio rentals, audio equipment rentals

                    Microphone Stand (base)


speaker rentals, audio equipment rentals, audio rentals, bluetooth speaker rentals, portable speaker rentals, wireless speaker rentals, rockville speaker rentals



Speaker Features: Built in bluetooth, connect to smartphone, tablet, or any wireless device. Plug ins: (1) guitar input, (2) mic inputs, (1) aux input, USB input, TF input.  Master volume, microphone volume, bass volume, treble volume, echo volume, guitar volume. Built in FM radio tuner. Microphone holder. Built in Rechargeable battery for portability or use AC power. Retractable handle and wheels. 

*Includes (1) corded microphone.                                          

       Portable Bluetooth Speaker


SPEAKER RENTALS, audio equipemnt rentals, audio rentals, bluetooth speaker rentals, portable speaker rentals, wireless speaker rentals, jbl flip 4 bluetooth speaker renals

           Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

                                  JBL Flip 4 

                       (Rechargeable battery)


kiosk rentals, kisok machine renals, kiosk mount rentals, ipad kiosk rentals, ipad mount rentals, tablet mount rentals, tablet kiosk rentals,

                    Kiosk Machine / Ipad Stand




Kiosk Features:  


* Keyed lock Anit-theft iPad Enclosure

*  Removable Home Button Blocker

* Document Holder Tray

* Screen rotates 90 degrees (portrait to 

* Fits iPad  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Air, Air 2, Pro 9.7

* Dimensions Tablet Holder: 8.66" x 11.91" x 0.7"

Dimensions Stand Height: 42.75"

* Dimensions Stand Base: 12" x 16" 

* iPad not included     


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                    TV  Flat Screen  LCD  HD  40"


hdmi cord renals, cord rentals, tv cord rentals, hdmi rentals, video equipement rentals, tv rentals, audio rentals, audio video rentals, av rentals, video rentals

                    Hdmi  Cable  (50 feet)


*rates represent each 24 hr. use

*each order subject to a cleaning fee:

$12 cleaning fee (under 50 units)

$23 cleaning fee (51 - 99 units) 

$47 cleaning fee  (100 - 149 units)   

$77 cleaning fee (150 - 199 units)   

$99 cleaning fee (200 - 249 units) 

*call for cleaning price on anything over 250 units 

*Set up fee:  *Receive a free set-up on any table/chair order under 35 units!*

refer to the "Set-up fees" page for complete details and pricing.

*additional charges apply for deliveries/pickups requested outside of normal business working hours:

Early delivery or pickup before 9 am = $75

Late delivery or pickup after 7 pm = $75

*waiver fee (optional)  7% of subtotal: protection from damage to the equipment, excluding theft or intentional damage. 

Delivery/Pickup! Check out the delivery page for more details!

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